Junior Golf

At Helsby, we aim to provide all juniors with the opportunity to play golf in a safe and supportive environment. The club believes very strongly that juniors are the lifeblood of any club and are very proactive in developing junior golf.

For more information about Junior Golf at Helsby Golf Club please contact Chris Cousins on 01928 722 021 or e-mail pro@helsbygolfclub.org

Pictured: Ian Poulter & 2016-17 Junior Captain Sam Long


Juniors of all ages and abilities are welcome to join Helsby Golf Club. Junior membership runs from 1st April each year and lasts for 12 months; the main benefits of becoming a junior member are:

  • Access to the 18 hole golf course 365 days a year (fixture permitting)
  • Use of clubhouse facilities (locker rooms, showers, bar and catering)
  • Bar card (10% discount on all drink purchased over the bar)
  • An official nationally recognised CONGU handicap (certain ability must be reached)
  • 12 month schedule of junior competitions
  • Ability to enter adult competitions (certain ability must be reached)
  • Use of the practise putting green
  • Use of the practise facilities including the Academy Par 3 Course (click here for more information about our facilities)
  • Preferential rates on golf lessons
  • Ability to sign in guests at member guest rate (up to 3 guests at any one time)
  • Junior events throughout the year


Our Academy Membership programme has been designed to give all juniors a way to try golf without the commitment of joining as a full member.The benefits of joining as an Academy Member are:

  • Use of the practise facilities including the Academy Par 3 Course.
  • Use of the practise putting green.
  • Use of clubhouse facilities (locker rooms, showers, bar and catering).
  • Bar card (10% discount on all drinks purchased over the bar).
  • A “club” handicap.
  • 12 month schedule of Academy Junior competitions.
  • Preferential rates on golf lessons.
  • Various junior events throughout the year.

Academy Membership is also ideal for very young children who may not be capable of playing the full 18 hole golf course. Our Par 3 Academy Course offers 6 holes that very in length from 50 – 110 yards, ideal for beginners and young children to start on.

Academy Members must be 18 or under on 1st January of the year of membership but there is no minimum age restriction for Academy Members. However, we do ask all juniors who do not possess a handicap to be accompanied by a suitable adult at all times. For more information about obtaining a handicap, please click here. A pro rata rate will apply for juniors joining part way through the year.

Dress Code
We do insist that all junior golfers adhere to the clubs dress code both on the course and in the clubhouse. We do allow Academy Members to use the Academy Par 3 Course and the Practise Ground without golf shoes. Although golf shoes are recommended, any kind or outdoor footwear is permitted.


We take child protection very seriously.Our club’s Child Protection Policy ensures that all staff working with juniors are fully CRB checked and have attended an SPC (Safeguarding and Protecting Children) course. We also have an appointed Child Protection Officer.Helsby Golf Club is GolfMark accredited, which is a gold standard in golf for good practice in child protection.

For more information on GolfMark please click here.


I want to join, what is the joining procedure?The first step is to get in touch with the club Secretary. Details of how to do this are included at the foot of the ‘How To Join‘ page. Once your application has been made and accepted, the Secretary will liaise with you re: payment and will issue you with a membership pack and a bag tag. Before the membership is finalised all parents are asked to fill out a medical assessment form.

What is a handicap and how can I get one?

A handicap is a measure of a players golfing ability, the lower the handicap, the better the golfer. It also allows all golfers to compete on a fair and equal basis (for a detailed explanation of a handicap and for more information please click here.

There are 2 main types of handicap, a “club” handicap and on official CONGU handicap. A “club” handicap is only valid for play at Helsby Golf Club, this is the type of handicap we issue to new juniors and Academy Members. A club handicap can be issued and adjusted by the Club Professional, the Junior Organiser or the clubs handicap committee and can range anywhere from 0-54. A CONGU handicap is applicable only when juniors reach the stage where they can play 18 holes from the yellow tees and can score around 130 or better. A CONGU handicap can be issued by the Club Professional, the Junior Organiser or the clubs handicap committee but can only be adjusted by playing in club (adult/junior) competitions. This type of handicap can be used to play competitions at courses other than Helsby. A club handicap can be issued from evidence provided by the player in question (e.g. age, experience etc). A CONGU handicap can be issued only with a record of a player’s previous performance. To obtain a CONGU handicap, juniors are asked to submit 3 scorecards played from the yellow tees on the measured golf course (summer course). For more information on handicaps please visit our junior competitions page.

Can I caddy for my child on the golf course?

Yes this is no problem at all, however we do ask that all parents caddying for their children follow the clubs dress code. We do ask that parents who caddy do not hit any golf shots; doing so would require the payment of a green fee.

Can I play golf with my child if I am not a member?

Yes, like adult members, junior members can “sign in” 3 members guests at any one time. The guests would be required to pay a green fee, however, the member guest green fee is around half of the standard green fee rate. Each visitor is allowed to play the course 4 times a year at the reduced rate, after this then the full green fee rate will apply. For more information on green fees at Helsby Golf Club, please click here.

Can parents use the clubhouse facilities?

Parents are welcome to use the club house facilities during junior events or during the junior presentations following competitions; again we ask that they follow the clubs dress code. To use the clubs facilities on a more permanent basis you would have to become a social member.

What equipment do I need for my child to start?

You do not have to buy any equipment to give golf a go. I have plenty of junior sized equipment in the golf shop that you are welcome to borrow free of charge if you are new to the game (please let me know in advance). Also, for Academy Members, golf shoes are not essential (although recommended, and are required for the full 18 hole course), any hard wearing outdoor footwear will do fine. Regarding the rest of the dress code, a pair of school trousers and a polo shirt will do just fine. If you do choose to invest in some equipment, a 7 iron and a putter are the first two clubs to get, the rest of the set can be added to later on. Please see my guide to starting golf as a junior for more information.

How much golf do juniors get for their membership?

Both Academy and Full Junior members have access to the course (or other facilities) 365 days a year. From time to time the club have fixtures, e.g. team matches, competitions, visiting societies etc. These are all listed on the members section of the club website and are on the club notice board. It is advisable to check these times before you decide to play as to avoid disappointment. Alternatively you can contact the pro shop on 01928 722 021 for up to date fixture information. From time to time the course may be closed due to bad weather or ground conditions e.g. snow. The club have a dedicated weather line to notify members of any course closure, the number is 01928 723 063.

As a golf club what child protections measures do you take?

Helsby Golf Club take child protection very seriously. All staff that work with juniors are fully CRB checked and have attended an SPC (safeguarding and protecting children) course. Helsby Golf Club are also GolfMark accredited, which is a gold standard in golf for good practise and child protection. For more information on GolfMark please click here.

I don’t know if my child will like golf, is membership a good idea?

The Academy Membership is designed with young children in mind. If a child just wants to give golf a go, then Academy Membership will be a better option as the financial commitment is not excessive. With regards to equipment, our Professional has plenty of hire clubs for juniors to use free of charge. If you want your child just to give golf a go, then we have a range of golf lesson options to choose from.

Can I upgrade from Academy to Full Membership?

Yes, this can be done at any time by paying the difference between the Academy and Full Junior Membership fee.

Are there any discounts for joining as a family?

Please click here for details on current membership special offers and discounts.

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The Course will be reopening tomorrow Wednesday 02/12/2020 for Members only. ***Local Rules*** Flagstick The ball is to be considered holed if the ball is at rest in the cup and if any part of it is below the surface of the putting green, even if not lodged against the flagstick. Bunkers If a ball comes to rest in any bunker, the player may lift, clean and place their ball no more than 6” from its original position no nearer the hole, please note that the area around the ball cannot be “smoothed” before placing.