Helsby Open Golf Tournaments

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We run several Open Tournament events through the year for various categories. Our events are well established in the county and you can enjoy a super day out, with good food and excellent company on a great course.


 All results will be posted to this page following each competition. Click below for more information about our Open Tournaments:

OPENS 2018
OPENS 2019

If you have any queries, please contact our Professional on 01928 722 021 (opt 2) or e-mail info@chriscousinsgolf.com.

Recent Open Results

Seniors Open - Wed 3rd Jul 2019

1st - D Everton & J Redmond (Vicars Cross) - 45pts CPO 
2nd - A Grace & K Walley (St Melyd) - 45pts CPO
3rd - P Roberts & P Davies (Padeswood & Buckley) - 45pts


Ladies Team Stableford Open - Tue 2nd Jul 2019

1st - Sue Watson, Sue Helm, Lisa Burns (Vale Royal/Alderley Edge) - 83pts
2nd - R Longson, M Poole, P Pilling (Eaton/Upton/Vicars Cross) - 80pts
3rd - Helen Pennington, Michelle Pickup, Nadine Morris (Leigh/Nelson) - 77pts


James Braid Open - Mon 27th May 2019

1st J Hughes & G Maher - 44 pts
2nd J Bates & J Pettinger - 43 pts
3rd W Hawkins & C Mercer - 42 pts (cpo)
4th P Duffey & P Berril - 42 pts (cpo)

1st S Fineran & C Fineran - 39 pts

Stanton & B Williams 1
J Sheppard & D Perry 1
J Owen & C Ford 1
B Bennett & C Richards 1
B Bonatti & D Williams 1
B Kaye & J Bates 1
M Beaumont & T Marsden 1
J Bates & J Pettinger 1
D Beaumont & D Talbot 1
G Lee & M Aird 1
P Barker & N Robertson 1
R Horton & G Cheesbrough 1

Nearest the Pin on 6 - M Williams
Nearest the Pin in Two on 12 - P Berrill


Team of 3 Stableford Open - Mon 6th May 2019

1st - P Saxon, J Radin, B Revell - 76 pts
2nd - M Smyth, D Smith, D Powell - 74 pts
3rd - J Smith, D Nethercott, R Jones - 73 pts

1st - S Begley, S Begley, P Simpson - 69 pts

M Smyth, D Smith, D Powell x 2*
P Simpson, S Begley, S Begley x 1
S Williams, D Dolman, G Dalling x 2
J Grey, V Nagle, B Kennerley x 1
D Jones, K Inskip, N Roberts x 1
Carr, T Carr, N Hough x 2

* D Smith Hole in One - 6th hole - double share

9 twos scored worth 6 x Bridgestone E6 Soft golf balls per two

Nearest Pin
6th - D Smith
11th - G Dalling

For full results please click the link below:


Easter Bank Holiday Open - Mon 22nd Apr 2019

1st - L Clowes, D Peeling, J Lith, J Weaver (Vicars Cross) 57 - 2.5 = 54.5
2nd - M Hannan, S Rourke, N Griffiths, M Rawthore (Sale) 60 - 4.3 = 55.7
3rd  - J Harbridge, R Harbridge, N Harbridge, S Birkett (Vicars Cross) 62 - 4.9 = 57.1

1st - L Hodgkinson, G Davenport, D Langton, N Bonnett (Malkins Bank) 60 - 4.4 = 55.6
2nd - S Hogkinson, T Hogkinson, L Hogkinson, J Tennant (Marple) 61 - 4.2 = 56.8

Nearest Pin
6th - Lee Beckett
11th - Neil Johnson

For full results please click the link below:


Helsby Oaks - Sun 30th Sep 2018

Results (Gross)
Pos Name Score
1st Charlie Fletcher 69
2nd Steve Roberts 73
3rd Mark Poland 74
Results (Nett)
Pos Name Gross Handicap Nett
1st M Burtonwood 76 7 69
2nd G Arrowsmith 79 9 70 CPO
3rd S Wells 83 13 70
Longest Drive 7th S Pay
Nearest Pin 11th D Taylor
Nearest Pin 18th S Wilcock
No. Twos Name
1 B Almond
1 S Wells
1 W Foulkes
1 P Goodeve
1 M Burtonwood
1 P Murphy
1 R Wootton
1 A Fitzhenry
1 L Webber
9 twos scored worth £9.00 per two or 3 x Titleist TourSoft golf balls. For full results please click below:


Seniors 4BBB Open - Wed 5th Sep 2018

1st P Carpenter & D Hughes (Penmaenmawr) - 45pts
2nd Philip Edgerley & James Melvin (Southport Old Links) - 42pts
3rd Alan Beardsworth & Jeff Beardsworth (Westhoughton) - 41pts (CPO)

Please CLICK HERE to view the full results.


Ladies Team Stableford Open - Tue 4th Sep 2018

1st Carol Chadwick, Glynis Mather, Marie Sims (Walton Hall) - 88pts
2nd J Leech, M Scott, P Lucas (Vicars Cross/Upton) - 87pts

Please CLICK HERE  to view the full results


Ladies Invitation - Sun 2nd Sep 2018

1st Hazel Jones & Sonia King - 45pts
2nd Viv Nagle & Anne O'Neill - 44pts
3rd Jo Mulholland & Gill Jennings - 42pts


August Bank Holiday Open - Mon 27th Aug 2018

Results (Gents)
1st J Cheesbrough, J Hughes, A Sayers, M Aird - 109
2nd A Cove, S Pay, J Pay, M Whittaker - 105 (CPO)
3rd D Langley, B Brazier, D Hall, S Birkett - 105
4th D Wakerley, C Donelan, S Sumner, J Ogden - 99

Results (Mixed)
1st J Dawber, J Dawber, R Grainger, S Grainger - 98
2nd J Grey, B Grey, H Constable, J Catto - 95

Twos (6th & 18th holes only)
2 x I Wong*, P Mashiter, J Beattie, I Marsh
1 x C Simpson, E Tickle, D Graham, S Highcock
1 x A Cove, S Pay, J Pay, M Whittaker
1 x J Grey, B Grey, H Constable, J Catto
1 x D Langley, B Brazier, D Hall, S Birkett
1 x J Williams, Hi Williams, J Williams, N Roberts
*Hole in 1 @ 6th - double share
7 twos scored worth 7 x Titleist DT TruSof balls per two

Please CLICK HERE to view the full results.


Gents Invitation - Sun 12th Aug 2018

1st - D Peate & W Bolas - 45pts
2nd - D Sheppard & J Campbell - 43pts
3rd - D Tate & I Robinson - 42pts

Please CLICK HERE to view the full results.


Mixed Team Stableford - Sun 5th Aug 2018
1st - John McIntyre, Margaret McIntyre, Ian Clues, Carol Clues (Dean Wood) - 84pts
2nd - Tony Seed, Christine Seed, Darren Rayton, Rachel Rayton (Penwortham) - 83pts

Please CLICK HERE to view the full results


Seniors 4BBB Open - Wed 4th Jul 2018 - Results

1st - A Marserson, M Heathfield (Bromborough) - 44pts
2nd - K Macdonald, W Owens (Upton by Chester) - 44pts 
3rd - R Garston, D Orwin (Padeswood and Buckley) - 43pts


Ladies Team Stableford Open - Tue 3rd Jul 2018 - Results
1st - S Watson, S Helm, L Burns (Vale Royal/Alderley Edge) - 90pts 
2nd - C Gleave, B Hebenton, J Brown (Lymm) - 86pts
3rd - P Joinson, A Sharpe, B Scholes (Pennant Park) - 85pts


James Braid Open - Mon 28th May 2018 - Results

Thank you to all those who supported our Bank Holiday Open competition, please see details of all prizewinners below. For full results please CLICK HERE.

1st G Cheesbrough & C Molyneux - 41 (CPO)
2nd M Winstanley & S Austin - 41 (CP)O
3rd Noel Robertson & Graham Poland - 41 (CPO)
4th Mark Clewley & Tim Heald - 41 (CPO)

1st P Sturgeon & S Sturgeon - 32

1 x Mobishir Rawthore & Amjad Butt
2 x Steve Buck & P Ambleton
2 x S Pay & T Hall
1 x J Pettinger & J Bates
1 x D Talbot & D Beaumont
1 x P Sturgeon & S Sturgeon
1 x M Winstanley & S Austin
1 x G Poland & N Robertson
1 x P Duffy & N Johnson
Each two worth 6 x Srixon AD333 golf balls    


Team of 3 Stableford Open - Mon 7th May 2018 - Results

Thank you to all those who supported our Bank Holiday Open competition. Players were treated to glorious sunshine all day and the course was really starting to shape after one of the wettest winters on record.

Results (Gents)
Pos Name Score (pts)
1st J Hodgkinson, M Poland, P Starkey 73
2nd A Naylor, P Naylor, T Smith 71
3rd D Nethercroft, J Smith, T Ford 68

Results (Mixed)
Pos Name Score (pts)
1st P Ashcroft, S Ashcroft, P O'Neil 75
2nd G Kenney, P Kenney, A Dick 63

No. Twos Name
1 S Williams, P Strange, N Davies
1 J Hodgkinson, M Poland, P Starkey
1 P Bennett, M Walsh, P Bennett

For full results please CLICK HERE.


Helsby Oaks - Sun 1st Oct 2017- Results

A big thank you to all the members/visitors who played in this years Helsby Oaks competition. The format changed this year to an 18 hole competition with gross & nett prizes rather than a 36 hole scratch competition; the trophy this year going to the player with the lowest 18 hole gross. This years competition saw Steve Roberts posting an impressive 71 gross under testing conditions with the course playing its full length. Jon Sharpe, Simon Pay and Denver Brazier were 2nd, 3rd, 4th respectively, all on 75 gross (card play offs).

Jeff Scudder took home first place in the nett competition with an outstanding 65, closely followed by good showings from Adam Griffiths (67) and Mal Aird & Andy Sayers (68). John Cheesbrough also scored 68 but narrowly missed out on 4th place in a card play off.

Results (Nett)
1st Jeff Scudder - Helsby 80-15=65  
2nd Adam Griffiths - Helsby 82-15=67  
3rd Mal Aird - Helsby 79-11=68 (CPO)
4th Andy Sayers - Helsby 76-8=68 (CPO)
Results (Gross)
1st Steve Roberts - Helsby 71  
2nd Jon Sharpe - Helsby 75 (CPO)  
3rd Simon Pay - Helsby 75 (CPO)
4th Denver Brazier - Helsby 75

Nearest Pin 6th Steve Roberts - Helsby  
Nearest Pin 11th Eddie Walker - St Michaels Jubilee  

J Sharpe 1
S Pay 1
D Langley 1
M Graham 1
T Stanners 1
Adam Griffiths 1
A Sayers 1
J Cheesbrough 1
A Romero 1

9 two's scored worth £5.00 per two or 3 x Titleist Velocity golf balls.

Full results can be viewed below:

Seniors Open - Wed 6th Sep 2017

1st - S Lowe & S Pinnington (Davenport/Tytherington)
2nd - P Fraser & P Jeffs (Clays)
3rd - D Wraight & S Monks (Clays)


Thanks to all those who played in the August Bank Holiday Open:
1st: J Hughes, B McNamara, K Murray & A Sayers (Helsby) 104 pts
2nd: M Stoneley, S Chadwick, C Molyneux & S Pay (Helsby) 102 pts
3rd: M Edmunds, J Edmunds, N Cunniffe & A Shingler (Helsby) 98 pts


Ladies’ Open Results - 4 July 2017
1st S Kane, K Irvine, J Owens 80 points
2nd D Walley, E Caulfield, O Oliver 79 points
3rd D MacIntosh, M Pretty, L Robinson 79points

Seniors Open Results - 5 July 2017
1st W Harvey & B Haywood 44 points
2nd E Bebb & J Smith 42 points
3rd D Gardner & M Howard 41 points

Mixed Open - 6 July 2017
1st S Challinor, G Gillan, J Leech, C Harvey 83 points
2nd G Bethell, A Bethell, P Standing, P Kelly 80 points


Thanks to all those who played in the James Braid Open:
1st: Andrew Shingler 39pts (off 12) Away
2nd: Gregory Watson 37 (off 2) Away
3rd: John Biasillo 36 (off 23)

Hole-in-one on 18th: Jeff Hughes


Thank you to all those who played in the above competition,

Gents Results
1st: P Fell & C Brian - Garden Park - 42 pts
2nd: D Crook & C Blinkhorn - Leigh - 41 pts
3rd: L Byatt & R Nash - Bury - 41 pts

Mixed Results
1st: K Wilkinson & C Wilkinson - Helsby - 41 pts
2nd: Ron Jones & Hilary Jones - Helsby - 38 pts


Thank you to all those who played in the Easter Bank Holiday Open,

Gents Results
1st: J Hughes, D Brazier, B McNamara, S Pay - Helsby - 56.9
2nd: R Ginley, P McFarlane, S Lawrence, G Wood - Chorley - 57.3
3rd: A Stubbs, W Collins, J Verdin, A Williams, - Malkins Bank - 58.9

Mixed Results
1st: P Bennett, P Bennett, P Kenny, J Kenny - West Derby - 56.9
2nd: L Livings, N Hovendon, T Taylor, N Curran - High Leigh Park - 59.7
3rd: M Biddie, J Henderson, L Hodgkinson, C Berridge - Malkins Bank - 61.8

Nearest the Pin
6th hole: J Hodgkinson
11th hole: T Ainsworth

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